Defect Analysis

​Inspect inside the component


Non destructive testing allows the research of defects in the material's structure such as cracks, porosities or inclusions. The majority of industrial fields require this technology, to control manufacturing objects during the production stage. Crack, void, porosity and inclusion analysis reveals important physical properties questionning the quality of the component and its performance characteristics as well. CT gives you the ability to detect, visualize and quantify these defects, with 3D representations. Using a color code, it's easy to visualize defects by sizes, shapes and the analysis results are available in different formats, hence, improve your product's quality.

Material distribution (fiber distribution in composite materials)

Understand your component's behavior


Computed tomography is a perfect tool for the determination of fiber orientation and distribution on composite components, as well as the detection of fiber agglomeration and porosity. Composite components are widely used in lightweight construction industry (aeronautic, automotive...), moreover, fiber distribution gives important information on mechanical properties of the manufactured component. Using CT results, composite properties can be easily evaluated and analyzed with high accuracy.


Micro-structure analysis - High resolution inspection

Vizualize inside your component with an ultra-high accuracy (0.35 µm)


Computed tomography gives the opportunity to visualize tiny details with an ultra high accuracy. With a resolution under the micrometer, we can observe details at a nano level. Computed tomography is widely used in many industrial research labs (such as automotive, plastic industry, oil and gas ...) to observe and characterize  components, understand their behavior and optimize simulations.

As illustrated above, computed tomography gives the opportunity to visualize nano structure of casting components. On this aluminium alloy 3D representation, we are able to see the intermetallics of iron (blue) and copper (orange) composing the sample, with an ultra high accuracy.

With the courtesy of the Mechanical Laboratory of Lille - LML


Electronics sample inspection

​Inspect easily complex components


Inspection of an electronic component can be easily done using computed tomography to analyze internal and external features. Dimensional measurements can be applied as well as detection of material lack of properties such as defects or failure of solder joints and connections. 

Additive manufacturing sample inspection

​Inspect easily complex components


Since a few years, additive manufacturing (AM) offers incredible possibilities for producing parts with internal cavities or filigree structures. During the development process, AM components needs to be control, to optimize the component's weight, strength and shape and CT gives the ability to perform non destructive dimensional measurement of internal features and homogeneity verification.



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