Dimensional measurement

​Determination of component's geometries with an ultra high accuracy in a single scan

Computed tomography allows you to observe and inspect the internal and external structures of an object in 3D space, and to measure various parameters on those surfaces. Non destructive and free from contact testing allows to control many kinds of industrial components. With an accuracy around the micrometer, CT is an essential technology to control and inspect complex parts or assemblies.


Made with Thermo Scientific Avizo Software


Wall thickness analysis

Determination of material thickness

Many industrial components must be kept within tolerances and CT allows to determine material thickness and gap width of each surface of a sample. Results are displayed using a color code, showing areas where the thickness reached undesired values. It is also possible to apply tolerances to the wall thickness analysis with various parameters such as the minimum, maximum, the mean or the deviation.


Nominal to actual comparison

Comparison between CAD nominal datas and CT scanned data

Using computed tomography, comparison between CT data of a scanned workpiece and a CAD nominal file can be made quickly, to evaluate the deviations between nominal and actual shapes. The comparison can also be made between two samples, one of them serving as a reference. Deviations are displayed using a color code, showing the differences between the parts.

Comparison between these

two samples


Reverse Engineering

From the workpiece's scan to the CAD model


Starting from a real object, 3D CT scan allows to generate a point cloud of every sample's surface. A CAD file can be generated from the CT scanning data set, to create easily a three-dimensional virtual model on the basis of an existing component. The CT scanning CAD file can be exported in different formats (STL, WRL, TXT...) and is recognized by most of the CAD software programs. Reverse engineering is particularly useful to reduce design life-cycle time of product development, allowing rapid prototyping of your component.

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