Joint testing (welding, gluing ...)

Assess every welds on your components


A large number of components contain joining sections between various parts (welding, gluing and assembly in various components - foundry, composites, plastics ...) and those sections must be the best to ensure the component's behavior.

On casting components, a lack of fusion (LOF) along the weld leads to an interruption of material cohesion, and a LOF can bring failures during the component use. Computed tomography, and particularly the laminography mode is the best technique to easily and quickly inspect many welds as well as control in real time the welding parameters.

Failure analysis - First article inspection

Reduce time to market


Computed tomography is very helpful especially for First article inspection. It helps to control in a fast way all your components features and say whether or not your component is ready to be produced.

Furthermore, non destructive testing allows the research of defects in the material's structure such as cracks, porosities or inclusions. CT gives you the ability to detect, visualize and quantify these defects, with 3D representations. Using a color code, it's easy to visualize defects by sizes, shapes and the analysis results are available in different formats.

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