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RX Solutions offers expertise in X-ray non-destructive testing with 2D radioscopy and 3D computed tomography.


Our service department is equipped with several X-ray measuring systems. We combine high performance equipements and X-Ray expertise to meet your analytical needs in metrology, 2D & 3D scanning, retro-engineering, assembly analysis, dimensional measurement, material analysis, fiber analysis...

Our application team is COSAC certified: responds to the aeronautical and space field requirements. Our daily goal: provide you with the best possible inspection and analysis that will give you the possibility to keeps you always one step ahead of your project progress.


Our services are performed within the shortest period of time, regardless the sample type, from simple component inspection to series of several samples.

Available scanning CT Systems

EasyTom S 150

EasyTom XL Micro 150 : X-Ray Computed Tomography & Radioscopy Equipment with a resolution down to 5 µm

EasyTom XL Micro 150

EasyTom XL Ultra : Modular X-Ray Computed Tomography & Radioscopy Equipment

EasyTom XL Ultra 230 + Nano 160

  • Voxel size range from 0.35 µm to 200 µm

  • High energy 230 kV micro-focus open tube

  • Large scanning volume up to Ø320 mm x H720 mm (larger object inspection projects possible on demand)

Available Inspection Services

Determination of sample geometries and internal/external dimensions.

Determination of material thickness and gap width at sample surface.

Evaluation of the deviations between the actual CT data and its CAD nominal file.


Creation of a 3D virtual model based on a real sample.

Plastic connector 3D CT Scan

100% integrity check of the sample to control the internal structure: lack of material, porosity, voids or cracks.

Visualization of fiber orientation and distribution on composite components to understand their behavior and their mechanical properties.

Characterization of components at a submicron  level with an ultra high resolution down to 0.35 µm.


Wood Nano CT Analysis

Composite CT Scan: Fiber distribution

Multi material parts inspection, assembly control and assessment of the welding & gluing of a variety of components (foundry, plastic, composite ...)

Detection of your material's internal flaws and failures (porosity, cracks, inclusions...) to help you find solutions and corrections for it


Camera lens 3D CT Scan


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